Serving Eggs To Babies

Serving Eggs To Babies

Let’s talk about eggs!  They are a fab first food as they are highly nutritious, versatile and cook quickly! Whether you are following a purée approach or BLW there are a range of options and delicious ways to serve eggs!  

⁠It’s so important to serve the same food in different ways to expose your baby to different textures and flavours. 

Eggs can make an important contribution to the diet of babies and provide them with many essential vitamins, minerals, protein and iron. 


⁠Here are 4 easy and delicious ways to serve your baby and toddler eggs: 

🥚Avocado Egg Salad - This is versatile, use it as a dip or eat it as it is! This is great to preload onto a spoon for baby! Recipe available here. 

🥚Hard boiled and cut into quarters to make them the perfect size for little hands. You can store any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for a week 

🥚Scrambled! You can spread the scrambled egg on toast fingers, pre load on a spoon or let them go to town with their hands! 

🥚Veggie Loaded Egg Pancakes. This simple and easy recipe is great for babies as they soft but hold their shape well. Recipe available here.