Quick, Healthy & Balanced Lunchbox Ideas

Quick, Healthy & Balanced Lunchbox Ideas

As the kids head back to school it can feel like quite a cumbersome task to think of 5 lunches to send in! Today I’m sharing 5 easy, healthy and balanced lunchbox ideas to hopefully help make lunchbox packing a little bit easier! 

Lunchbox packing can be tricky as little ones preference are ever changing and trying to balance what they will enjoy with a nutritious and wholesome lunch can be quite a challenge!  

From veggie loaded fritters, delicious granola bars, nutritious pasta and yummy roll ups, these lunch box ideas are so quick to make, delicious and they transport well!

I have paired each lunch "main" with a serving of fruit and/or veg. You can mix these up and use whatever your little one's preferences are! 

My basic lunchbox formula is a source of protein, iron, healthy fat and fruit/veg! 


Creamy Avocado & Cheese Quesadillas 


These quesadillas come together within minutes are loaded with iron, healthy fats and flavour! Serve alongside some veg and fruit. 

You can find the recipe here


Cheese & Tomato Omelette Roll Ups

This a really quick lunchbox option. I've added cheese and tomato here but you could use any veggies your prefer. Once you've made your omelette, simply slice it up and pop into the lunchbox. 


Pesto Pasta 

Pasta is always a winner isn't it?! You could make this the night before for dinner and serve up leftovers in their lunchbox. My nut free pesto pasta is pictured here, super speedy and loaded with greens, protein and healthy fat. This tastes delicious hot or cold! 

Recipe from my eBook Baby & Toddler Friendly Family Meals. 


Cheesy Spinach & Courgette Fritters 

Fritters are just so delectable and make such a quick and easy meal! You can batch cook these and keep some in the freezer or easy lunchbox packing! 

Pictured here are our favourite courgette (zucchini) fritters! Vitamin C, iron, protein and delicious - they tick all the boxes! These also include an egg free variation. 

Recipe from my eBook Baby & Toddler Friendly Family Meals. 

You can also find some delicious fritters recipes on my website under "Main Meals".


Boiled Egg, Granola Bar & Fruit

This is such a quick and easy make ahead lunch! You can boil the eggs ahead of time and the granola bars can be batch made and kept in the freezer. 

Yoh can find the recipe here




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  • The recipe are linked in the detailed description on each lunchbox.



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