Footprint Reindeer Christmas Card

Footprint Reindeer Christmas Card

I love homemade Christmas cards! They are a fun and easy festive craft activity and there is something so special about homemade cards by little ones!

These are so easy to make and allow for lots of messy play which kids always love!

This card requires minimal materials and is huge on impact. 

What do you need?

A4 card folded in half

Brown paint OR mix together all of the primary colours to make brown (great learning opportunity here!)

Paint brush

Brown marker pen

Googly eyes

Red Pom Poms




Mix together the paint to create brown.

Paint your child’s food, or let them paint it!


Stamp their foot onto the card. 

When the paint is dry, draw on the antlers.

Stick on the googly eyes.


Pop a blob of paint on the bottom of the foot and stick on the Pom Pom nose.