Serving Apples To Babies

I‘m often asked how to serve apples to babies. Whether you are following a purée approach or BLW there are a range of options.

For babies apples must be softened and easy to smoosh so here are 4 great ways to serve them!

🍎 Finely grated (with a zest grater) and then this can be spread on toast, added to oats etc

🍎 Cut into slices and steamed until soft. I’ve used a crinkle cutter here as it makes them easier to grip ⁠

🍎 Blended into a purée with spices. Recipe available here

🍎 Sautéed until soft with cinnamon. This is so delicious!! They are perfect to grip but soft. Recipe available here.

NOTE: Apples are considered a choking hazard until age 4 so avoid big pieces of raw apple. Once your toddler is proficient at chewing you can move to very thin matchsticks of apple

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