Snack Upgrades

Snack Upgrades 

Here are some easy and delicious snack upgrade ideas. They all come together in under 5 minutes and are nutritious and balanced. 

Pear & Nut Butter 

⁠Simply slice up your pear, spread over a thin layer of cashew butter, sprinkle on some mixed milled seeds and if you like, some cinnamon.

Mini cutters are also a great way to encourage your little one to try something new as they often find shapes intriguing.

NOTE: For young children steam the pear and ALWAYS spread nut butter thinly.

Suitable from 6 months upwards. 

Banana Lollies

This simple snack upgrade is from my eBook, Easy Healthy Snacks and a great fun and balanced snack option! Simply, peel and cut a banana in half, pop each half on a lolly stick, dip into some full fat Greek yoghurt or sub coconut yoghurt and then sprinkle on some desiccated coconut and flaxseed. Pop into the freezer until the yoghurt hardens.

Suitable for 12 months upwards 

Veggies Upgraded

Pairing veggies with protein from the cheese and healthy fat from the avocado keeps little tummies full for longer and also helps the absorption of fat soluble vitamins from the veggies.

If your little ones are still learning to like certain veggies, it’s a great opportunity to get them involved using cookie cutters as touching, smelling and even playing with a new or disliked food counts as exposure. Furthermore cookie cutters can make veggies fun for some kids. New and interesting shapes can really spark their interest! ⁠

 Suitable for 6 months upwards. For babies, steam the carrots so that they are soft and for young children cut into thin matchsticks. 

Cucumber & Cheese Stars

Pairing cucumber with protein and fat makes an easy and balanced snack. Offering the avocado mashed allows your little ones to dip and dunk.

 Suitable for 6 months upwards. If serving to babies, cut the cucumber into long finger width strips and shred the cheese. 

Banana & Nut Butter

All time classic combo! This upgrade is SO easy! Slice up a banana, dollop on some nut butter (or sunflower seed butter for a nut free option).

NOTE: Always spread nut butter in a very thin layer.

Suitable for 8 months upwards. For babies, slice the banana into finger width strips and dip into a THIN layer of peanut butter. 

Fruit & Cheese

Not only does the cheese add protein and healthy fat but it also helps the absorption of fat soluble vitamins from the fruit.

 Suitable for 6 months upwards. Always cut fruit into finger width strips (where possible) and halve/quarter berries. 

Watermelon Fries & Lime Yoghurt

A few simple ingredients, a couple of minutes and you have the most delicious and balanced  refreshing  snack! Slice up your watermelon into “fries”, mix some yoghurt (any kind, full fat Greek or coconut) and then squeeze in some lime juice, a dash of maple syrup and stir. Sprinkle some lime zest over the watermelon and dip away! A hint of chilli over the watermelon is a great grown up version too!

 Suitable from 6 months upwards. Slice the watermelon into thin finger width strips. 

Banana Sticks

This is so simple and fun! Slice up your banana, pop onto lolly sticks (this is just for fun, lolly sticks are optional!), fill a few bowls with nutritious topping and let them dip! Here we have desiccated coconut for iron and fibre, cinnamon for flavour and mixed chopped nuts for protein and fat.

 Note: No whole nuts for under 4’s.

Suitable for toddlers. Always ensure the nuts are crushed. 

Cheese & Apple Sandwiches

These little “sandwiches” were actually my son’s idea! Simply slice up your apple, cut into rings, add some cheese and call it a sandwich!

 Note: For babies & young children always steam the apple before serving so that it is soft. 

Apple Doughnuts

This delicious snack upgrade is from my eBook Easy Healthy Snacks  and is such a fun and balanced snack!

Slice up your apple, spread on a dip and some toppings and call them apple doughnuts!

NOTE: For babies & young children steam the apple and ALWAYS spread nut butter thinly.

Suitable for 8 months upwards.