Lego Duplo Number Ordering & Correspondence

Lego Duplo Number Ordering & Correspondence

Using Lego to practice number identification, counting and correspondence is a fun, tactile and engaging way to learn!

Young children often rote learn to count quite quickly so this is a fantastic activity to move onto number correspondence. Number correspondence or 1:1 counting is the ability to assign exactly one number to one corresponding object that is being counted. E.g, if there are three objects, the first object would be counted as 1, the second as 2 and third as 3.

1:1 counting is the foundation of maths and is how we see numbers as a quantity or representation.

This simple activity took 2 minutes to set up and engaged my 3 year old for 45 minutes!

You could definitely go a step further and print and laminate the cards to use for other activities too!



What do you need?

Number cards from 1 - 10

Lego duplo blocks



  1. Ask you child to put the numbers in order from 1 -10.
  2. Then count out the corresponding number of Lego for each number. So, for the number 1, count out 1. For the number 2, count out 2, saying, 1, 2 and so on.



You can extend this activity to simple addition. For example, here you have 1 Lego piece and here you have 2 Lego pieces. Can you count how many there are altogether.