Leaf Art

Leaf Art 

Recently, Z has been asking lots of questions about why the leaves fall off of trees and the colours change. We’ve had a lot of fun discussions surrounding this so I thought I’d set up this activity for him to explore colours, texture and problem solve!


We’e previously explored colour mixing and talked how to create different colours by mixing so he was excited to try and create autumnal hues! This is a great problem solving activity as it really allowed him to experiment and explore different shades of the same colour.

What do you need?


Glue/double sided tape


Paint brushes




  1. Collect leaves, the more variety the better!
  2. We chose to glue down the leaves but you could use double sided tape.
  3. Set out the paint and brushes.
  4. Get painting!!
  5. Gently peel the leaves off to reveal the silhouettes.