Serving Carrots To Babies

Serving Carrots To Babies 

🥕 Let’s talk about serving carrots to babies🥕 Carrots are high in fibre, vitamin K, potassium and Vitamin A making them a superb addition to our diets! Be sure to ❤️ this post if you find it useful. ⁠

For babies and young toddlers carrots must be steamed, boiled, roasted until they are soft. 

Here are 4 easy and delicious ways to serve your baby carrots. ⁠

🥕Steamed or boiled and then finely grated (with a zest grater) and then this can be added to oatmeal or yoghurt etc

🥕My sweet potato and carrot croquettes are perfect for babies as they are soft and hold their shape well. They can also be frozen and are #eggfree & #vegan. Recipe in my eBook, Toddler Friendly Family Meals

🥕Roasted with spices. This is so delicious! Recipe here. ⁠

🥕 Steamed/boiled until soft⁠. 

Raw carrots are considered a choking hazard until age 4 so avoid big pieces of raw apple. Once your toddler is proficient at chewing you can move to raw shredded carrot and work up to very thin matchsticks 




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