Pantry Essentials

Pantry Essentials 

As we enter an unprecedented time, we are all worried and heavy - hearted for what lays ahead. I have been inundated with messages asking for a comprehensive list of pantry essentials and easy pantry friendly meals. So I’m starting with this pantry list for you. 

Here are the staples I like to have on hand in my kitchen to ensure I can pull together nutritious meals for my family. You certainly don’t need ALL of this but this is what I always have on hand. 

Having a range of spices at the ready is a great way to create a variety of flavours and textures and keeping meals interesting. 

Make good use of your freezer! Frozen fruit and vegetables are a great option as they are  just as nutritious, last longer and there is less waste. 

It’s also a good idea to check your freezer and see what you can use and batch cook a few meals so that you have easy meals ready for the coming months. 

Don’t throw away fruit/veg that is past best, just bag it up and freeze it. 

The same goes for herbs, wash, chop and then freeze into ice cube trays. I also like to mince my ginger and garlic and then freeze into trays. 

Note: When defrosting food, defrost in the fridge or at room temperate for a maximum of 24 hours, or if in a water bath if you are short on time. 

When reheating ensure that the food reaches a temperature of 70 degrees Celcius and this is maintained for 2 minutes. 

Please don’t think you need to head to the shops and stockpile everything listed! It’s so important that we remain mindful and compassionate during this difficult time. It’s so disheartening to see empty shelves and many struggling to get basic necessities. I suggest taking an inventory of what you already have as a starting point. We all have those tins lurking at the back of our cupboard and now is a great time to use them! 

All of my eBooks have freezer friendly meals using pantry essential and are meals to be enjoyed as a family. You can sub any of the veg used for whatever you have on hand. Frozen veggies will also work in the recipes. 

Many of the recipes on website are  stock cupboard friendly and I  am working on bringing you a comprehensive list. 

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