Serving Bananas To Babies

Serving Bananas To Babies

Bananas are a great first food for babies and are nutrient dense! They are loaded with potassium, magnesium, B6, soft and taste delicious!! 

Serving a banana as it comes is of course the most convenient way BUT it is so important to serve the same food in different ways to expand your little one’s palette, introduce different flavours and textures and get them used to eating a variety!

Here are 4 easy and delicious ways to serve your baby bananas.

🍌 Cut a banana into half (or if large into thirds). Leave the peel on the bottom to act as a handle

🍌 Mash and spread onto toast. I add in some nut butter or sprinkle over some milled flaxseed for an added nutritional boost

🍌 Slice the banana into quarters lengthways, so that they are perfect for little hands to hold! ⁠

🍌Purée with pear, apple and spices. This is really delicious and you can either serve as it is on a spoon or add it to oatmeal or Greek yoghurt. Recipe here

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