Frozen Fruit Breakfast Smoothie


Frozen Fruit Breakfast Smoothie

To celebrate Frozen Food Week (Sept 5-11th September), I have chosen a recipe from the Fresh from the Freezer website and I have made the Frozen Fruit Breakfast Smoothie which is such a delicious way to enjoy frozen fruit and reduce food waste.

Using frozen food is a great way to reduce your food waste, help the planet and same some cash.

Every day in UK homes we throw away approximately:

920,000 (0.9 million) whole bananas

720,000 (0.7 million) whole oranges

800,000 (0.8 million) whole apples, so why not add more frozen fruit to your weekly food shop to save money AND reduce your food waste!

You can find the full recipe here and details below on how I made it!

First up, gather your ingredients, frozen fruit, ½ banana, milk and 1 tbsp seeds of choice (I used a mixture of milled flaxseed, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds). 

Then simply add all of the ingredients to a high speed blender and whizz until completed smooth. Serve and enjoy!