Toddlers & Snacking

Toddlers & Snacking 

Toddlers and snacks seem to go hand in hand. There is a good reason for this, children have small stomachs that fill up quickly and so wholesome and balanced snacks are a supplement to meals ensuring that they meet their daily nutritional requirements.

Snack Time Tips

1. Offer Nutritionally Dense Snacks

Snack time is a great opportunity to offer foods you feel your child may not be eating enough of at meal times, for example, vegetables or healthy fats. Little tummies fill up fast so I always try to optimise every bite at snack time and pack in vitamins and minerals that are so vital for growth.

2. Offer Balanced Snacks

I try to stick to the following formula, fruit/veggie + protein and/or healthy fat. This gives them the fuel they need to play and learn whilst keeping them full until their next meal time.

3. Stick To A Schedule

Serving snacks and meals at around the same time every day means your toddler knows what to expect and you can better manage their hunger by keeping them satisfied throughout the day. If I don’t manage ‘snack time’ and allow my son to graze on snacks throughout the day then he never eats well at meal times!

4. Get Your Little Ones Involved

Getting your little ones involved in making snacks provides them with opportunity to learn about the food they are eating. By helping to prepare their food they are more likely to try new foods and make healthy food choices. My son loves helping to stir, pour and measure out ingredients when we are cooking. Even touching and smelling new foods is a great form of exposure! Admittedly this can get messy but it is well worth it!

5. Freezer Tips

You can freeze nearly anything! I love chopping up over ripe bananas or extra fruit and popping into the freezer ready for adding to smoothies or to make frozen delights! I’ll often double up batches of muffins and crackers and pop some into the freezer ready for an easy snack. Always be sure to label frozen foods with the date so you know when they expire!


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