Quinoa Flakes


Quinoa Flakes

If you follow me over on Instagram you’ll know I use quinoa flakes A LOT! I often get asked what they are, why I like them, how to cook them and where to buy them. Quinoa flakes are one of my favourite ingredients and I always have them in my stock cupboard!

What are Quinoa Flakes?

Quinoa flakes are highly nutritious and are made by pressing raw, unprocessed quinoa seeds, a little bit like oat groats are rolled to make rolled oats. The whole quinoa seed is flattened out using a grain flaker, therefore quinoa flakes have all of the same properties as quinoa; high in plant based protein, loaded with fibre and naturally gluten free. For this reason I love adding them to recipes wherever I can to boost my family’s protein and fibre intake.

How Do You Cook Quinoa Flakes?

Quinoa flakes cook very quickly, and you can just add them to recipes without any variation to the cooking time.

What Do Quinoa Flakes Taste Like?

They have a very mild flavour, slightly on the nutty side but don’t interfere with other flavours and are therefore a great addition to other recipes.

Where Can You Buy Quinoa Flakes?

You’ll find quinoa flakes in most health food shops and also online. I tend to buy mine from amazon, I have linked my amazon shops below (they are saved under pantry essentials).





Recipes Using Quinoa Flakes

Quinoa flakes are so versatile and you can add them to almost anything. You can get quite creative with them in the kitchen! My favourite ways to use them are:

  1. Added to oatmeal
  2. Added to cookies/muffins
  3. Added to granola bars


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